Costa Rica 101

Costa Rica can offer a visitor so much in the way of natural environment and recreational activities. But to truly enjoy it, a basic knowledge of this small country's history, resources and culture is essential.

Costa Rica is a nation developed from ideals like peace and pacifism. It is the only country in the Western Hemisphere that lacks a national army and maintains a diplomatically neutral stance. Without defense spending, the government has been able to bolster social programs with its excess tax revenue. Universalized health care, social security, and free, mandatory education are just a few of the successful programs that are subsidized by the State.

Due to its geographical location, Costa Rica forms the land bridge between the two American continents. This isthmus is the point of convergence of a variety of cultures, and a corridor for the migrating fauna of the region. And the protection of this great resource is paramount. Costa Rica is among the world's countries with the highest amount of protected land in the world. Approximately 25% of the national territory is allotted for the National Park system; biological, marine and land reserves; as well as other natural wildlife areas.

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Costa Rica 101

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